Rare - NG 2010 Demos (CD-R)

Title: NG 2010 Demos
Catalog Number:
Record Label:
Year: 2010
Format: CD-R
Country: UK
Case: White Card Sleeve
Own: No
Notes: This Ignition Management cd sleeve contains a very early demo of Noel Gallagher's Solo Album "High Flying Birds". This early demo from 2010 has different track listings compared to the final recording which was released on 2011. Also Noel Gallagher has written "NG Demos" on the cd in a black marker pen.
Source: Britpopstore.co.uk
Tracks: 14
01. Stranded On The Wrong Beach
02. Freaky Teeth
03. !!Oh Lord!!
04. She Must Be One Of Us
05. I'd Pick You Every Time
06. Dream On
07. If I Had A Gun
08. Record Machine
09. Come On Outside
10. Fallen Angel / Broken Arrow
11. Soldier Boys + Jesus Freaks
12. Just Let It Come Down Over Me
13. Everybody's On The Run
14. The Death Of You And Me [A Tailgunner's Lament]

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